Our Business


Procurement and sourcing for non-ferrous metals

Whether you are a miner, a smelter, a trading company or an end factory, we can exploit our enormous client resources at any time to lead you through  channels of metal trading, and realize the immediate conversion between funds and cargo  via efficient matching in physical commodity distribution. We see ourselves as a commodity market maker  that facilitates trade. The commodities we cover include copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, silver and minor metals.

Provide physical commodity trade service

When regional difference in prices occur in the metal market, we will be the first to purchase commodities for you from areas where such materials are in excess or at a lower price . If you are an end user, we can provide point-to-point services, and deliver  goods right to your production plant.

We provide supply chain financial services such as warehouse stock finance, accounts receivable financing, and credit financing

ASK Resources Ltd has sufficient capital and a good business reputation.  Whether your business is in need of funds or   cargo , we are here to offer a range of supply chain financial services to help you achieve your business goals. You have options  to transfer your warehouse stock to cash  or to convert your trade receivables and bank credit lines into goods through us. In short, we provide customized supply chain financial solutions for companies who seeks funding or physical commodities via our well spread network by trading.

We provide hedging and interest arbitrage services including futures-physical commodities combination and stock control

We have a strong professional investment and trading team, which acquires resources with their market sensitivity  brought by intensive trading. We have unique advantages in combining futures  and physical commodities, stock control. In addition we also design hedging or arbitrage programs for our partners who wish to reduce financial risk and effectively increase operating profit.

Besides, we also provide our clients and partners with a range of trade-related value-added services such as information, warehousing and physical distribution, asset management.

risk management

Credit Risk

We limit our counterparty risk by adopting strict contractual terms with no exposure. We do background check for each customer before closing any deals and annual review to evaluate the current status of customer.

Market Risk

Market risk is managed and monitored our own trade data processing system. Any outright price risk exposure arising from the physical contracts will be strictly hedged using the derivatives market.

Legal Risk

An external legal company is hired to manage all legal aspects of our business.

Operational & Logistic Risk 

All transactions are recorded and approved in our self-developed system. Our risk team ensures that the design of our procedure is risk-free and routine checking is done daily.