ASK Resources Ltd is an international commodity trading company set up in 2017 by an experienced team with passion, expertise and connections in the commodity industry.

Key Strength

risk management

Credit Risk

We limit our counterparty risk by adopting strict contractual terms with no exposure. We do background check for each customer before closing any deals and annual review to evaluate the current status of customer.

Market Risk

Market risk is managed and monitored our own trade data processing system. Any outright price risk exposure arising from the physical contracts will be strictly hedged using the derivatives market.

Legal Risk

An external legal company is hired to manage all legal aspects of our business.

Operational & Logistic Risk 

All transactions are recorded and approved in our self-developed system. Our risk team ensures that the design of our procedure is risk-free and routine checking is done daily.

Our partners

Over 2000 partners worldwide, including major global leaders in the industry throughout the commodity supply chain.
* Only displayed for part of our partners.


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