ASK Resources Ltd is an international commodity trading company set up in 2017 by an experienced team with passion, expertise, and connections in the commodity industry. With a focus on physical metal trading, our offices in Shanghai , Hong Kong and Geneva also provide services along the commodity supply chain around the globe.

We source physical commodities from suppliers to local customers, create liquidity for the market, and offer financial services suitable or taylor made to various transactions.

ASK Resources Ltd is affiliated to Wuxi National Development Metal Resources.
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Key Strength

Our Shareholders

ASK resources Ltd is the offshore subsidiary of Shanghai Yujiangyuan Trade Co. Ltd, which is under Wuxi National Development Metal Resources.

The shareholder and investor of Wuxi National Development Metal Resources is Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., a wholly state-owned enterprise funded by Wuxi People's Government in April 2008. The Group has been a China Top 500 Enterprise for seven consecutive years. As one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Wuxi City, Wuxi Industry Development Group Co., Ltd. has 51 wholly-owned, holding, joint-stock for profit and nonprofit enterprises, including 2 listed companies—Wuxi Weifu Group and Wuxi Taiji Industry Co., Ltd. It is the largest government-funded venture capital enterprise in Wuxi.